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Hey! I'm Amanda.

Photography by  Casey Fox

Photography by Casey Fox

They say vegan habits are easier to sustain in a supportive community. Market Street Vegan aims to be one of those sources of support, emphasizing that we have the resources to do it from our (largely omnivorous) community. Here you'll find recipe ideas as well as materials--available at no charge locally in Knoxville, TN--to keep your veganism informed and inspired. Or maybe just dinner.

About the Recipe Blog

Recipes: Just what it says. This category contains vegan recipes created by Market Street Vegan. Hope you dig 'em.

Party Animals: This category contains brief mentions of other people's vegan recipes--and/or house-created vegan recipes--for the fare whipped up for special occasions, be they big, small, casual, or dressed to impress. These posts will hopefully provide inspiration when it comes to feeding friends and family members who may be less familiar with or enamored of the abundant variety of the veg world. 

Hitting the Books: This category highlights in brief vegan dishes made without alteration from other people's cookbooks, mostly vegan cookbooks. Priority is given to books available at Lawson-McGhee Library, but any book may be featured.

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