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party animals No. 21 - jumbo cream puffs table.jpg

So, these are pretty fun. We made these cream puffs using the eclair recipe from Miyoko Schinner in the October VegNews.  We're not certain how much this recipe totally "works," but it's worth pursuing. And the flax gel is pretty exciting. 

Note also that Miyoko's homemade vegan butter recipe in that same issue is really great. The flavor beats out the leading vegan margarine, easy, though the nondairy milk you use probably makes a difference. We used homemade almond-oat milk, which we assume helped the flavor of the butter to be fresher. 

To fill these cream puffs, we used a variation of our dead simple peanut butter mousse, substituting almond butter for the peanut butter and strongly brewed coffee for the lemon juice.