psyllium loaf with herb jam and butter bean-dijon hummus detail.jpg

1. Loaf from here. This has been really handy to keep in the freezer, though if you opt to keep it fresh, we still recommend toasting before serving to improve texture and aroma. And not only of the nuts and seeds. Toasting also teases out the maple syrup and coconut oil (the most heavenly combination of foods ever), which is nice since you don't get to dig into the loaf while it's still warm from the oven. We've been putting it to work in other ways, too. Last time we made it, we added 1/3 cup dried apricots and 1/2 cup dried cherries. After slicing the loaf, dehydrate the slices at 125 degrees for something like 15 hours, et voila: granola biscotti.

2. We wish we'd thought of herb jam, but since we didn't, we're glad Paula Wolfert did. That said, this recipe results in a fatty consistency something like creamed spinach, which we weren't crazy about. Next time, we'll decrease the fat and likely increase the acid. In fact, the first time we tried this loaf with a green accompaniment, it was spiced pickled kale. Incredible pairing. Because the loaf is so rich, it really benefits from acidic garnishes.

3. Finally, we made Dreena Burton's white bean hummus, substituting creamy butter beans for the cannellini. So great. The dijon in this is genius.

psyllium loaf with herb jam and butter bean-dijon hummus spread.jpg