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msv - knoxzine - maria fresca medium.jpg

Bonus Post! Just in time for the weekend, KnoxZine has gone to press. This issue contains an article we developed for them, 5 Fresh Mixed Drinks from the Farmers' Market

A couple of notes on vegan alcohol, in case you didn't already know. Barnivore is a total treasure.  But one of our recipes calls for Vinho Verde, and Barnivore had none in its database. We contacted two companies and received correspondence indicating all Arca Nova Vinhos Verdes are vegan-friendly. Ashe's carries the white, which is what we used for our drink. (Gazela, which had been consistently stocked at Downtown Wine & Spirits, uses casein to fine their wine. Their rep was very responsive and told me he'd let me know when (not if, aw) Gazela changed to non-animal-based finings.) 

Moving on, check the rest of the drinks out:

msv - knoxzine -blackberry-ginger shandy medium.jpg
msv - knoxzine - melon dash medium.jpg
msv - knoxzine - (liquid) diamonds & (cucumber) pearls medium.jpg
msv - knoxzine - peachy thai gin fizz medium.jpg

They taste as good as they look, so go get the details and the recipes on KnoxZine