Just a quick pop-in to run over the all-vegan MSV Thanksgiving for the year.

thanksgiving 2017 buffet 1.jpeg
thanksgiving 2017 buffet 2.jpeg

Which was pretty much exactly the same as last year. The family has decided this menu is not broken and should therefore not be fixed. There was a little freedom to play with the welcome cocktail and dessert, though, so here we go.

thanksgiving 2017 raspberry and currant cocktail.jpeg

Raspberry lambic and creme de cassis topped with brut cava and garnished with a rosemary sprig-skewered branded raspberry made for a fruity and lively drink to toast the day.

thanksgiving 2017 apple crisp with vanilla ice cream and brandied raspberries.jpeg

Dessert was a dead simple apple crisp (based on this recipe), served warm with (Coconut Bliss brand) vanilla ice cream and topped with those brandied cranberries.

Hope everyone who got a long weekend enjoyed it. As ever, thanks so much for being here.